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I have been in the floral preservation business for 11years now.Thru the years I have perfected my skills and met a lot of nice people along the way. Some with joyous occasions and other with sad occasions.

I work one on one with customers to make their keepsake really capture that special day , or to pay tribute to their loved ones.

I serve the tri-state area ( ND SD MN ) and also have many bouquets mailed to me. Call for instructions on shipping your flowers.

I offer a pick up service for your flowers at a minimal fee. Please contact me a month before your event so I can schedule it in.

I live in the country and grow a lot of flowers, this has really enabled me through the years to find the best treatments and methods for floral preservation.

I feel that I offer a unique service and a quality product. The type of framing that I do is not available in frame shops.

Custom preservation and framing allows creativity and superior longevity of your flowers.

I use only conservational glass 98% UV and also museum quality glass.

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