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#1 tip- get the flowers to me as soon as possible- the fresher the flower the better it preserves.
(you have time to decide on a frame/display)

*You can always include extra flowers, get a variety of color. Some flowers get bruised and this shows up after preservation.

*Check with your florist and find out how your bouquet will be assembled- find out where the water source is so you can keep your flowers hydrated.

*Some flowers process better and differently from others- call or e mail with any questions/concerns you may have I will be happy to answer your questions.

* Ask your florist if they use a product called “Crowning Glory” . I need to know this and use a solution to counteract it for quality preservation.

* Excessive glue can have a negative effect on floral preservation- Brides consult with your florist some glue is ok but not in large amounts.

* Do not spray your flowers with water – this will only cause mold and cellular break down of your flowers.

*Do Not freeze your flowers-flowers need to remain fresh in order to absorb the pre treatments.

*Do Not hang your flowers upside down.

*The key thing is to keep flowers hydrated,out of direct sunlight , refrigerated or in a cooler.

Other Suggestions

Didn’t have fresh flowers? Silks need to be protected as well from the elements. I do many silk flowers also-besides it’s less expensive because there is no processing of flowers!!

Large bouquets can be downsized to fit a particular frame or display.

Don’t want to dry the whole bouquet? Just dry some of the flowers.

Include mementos with your custom keepsake, Tiaras, pictures, announcements, invitations, cake toppers, garders, ribbons…

More Suggestions..

Please try and book ahead, certain months fill up fast- planning ahead enables a faster turn around time for all.

If preservation is an after thought it isn’t too late. Call or e mail and we can make arrangements.

Frames/shadow boxes

Rose Petals for Tossing

Tossing: 1/3 to 1/2 cup per guest
Tables: 2-4 cups per table with center piece
Aisle per sq. foot: 8 cups for dense
4 cups for moderate
2 cups light
1 cup scattered

Ratio: 25 petals to a cup

Book ahead 3 months to ensure color wanted

……..Your special day can be remembered through photos and videos, but it can also be remembered through flowers.

………your flowers becomes a lasting keepsake to be treasured for years to come.

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